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Looking to grow your business and increase your revenue? Then advertise your business on one of the largest dating apps for Black singles.

We work with businesses of all sizes. We work with fashion designers, boutiques, restaurants, music artists, hairstylists, boutiques, promoters, chefs, writers, content creators, events, boutiques, networks, saloons, nail techs etc.

Our rates start at only $200!

Examples of Ads on BlackGentry

Advertising Packages for as low as $200

You can launch ads and start getting more traffic to your business without breaking the bank.

Why Advertise on BlackGentry?

  • Affordable: We have packages for all business sizes and business types.
  • Reach an Engaged Audience: Reach a community of ambitious Black singles (locally and nationally).
  • Get more traffic to your site: BlackGentry users can click the ad and view your website. Drive traffic to exact pages that will help increase revenue.
  • Targeting Options: BlackGentry ads can be targeted to specific cities, genders, and range ranges.
  • Visible results: Get access to a dashboard so you can keep track of the how many views and clicks you receive.

Advanced Targeting Capabilities

Connect with BlackGentry users who are  most likely to be interested in your products and services with business offers with BlackGentry’s targeting capabilities. This allow you to create specific ads for the intended audience

You can target by: location, age range, and gender.

No Business is too Small for Advertising

Are you a stylist, barber, chef, photographer, DJ, personal trainer, programmer, events planner? No business is too small for advertising. You can easily find customers who are in your immediate area without having to have a big budget. 

Get Access to Ad Dashboard and See Real-Time Reporting on Your Ads

In BlackGentry Ads Manager, you can view performance for all of your ads and campaigns. Every advertising business will receive an account where you can log in anytime and view real time information. This includes number of ad views and clicks to your website.  

Stop Wasting Money On Instagram Page Promotions and Try a Reliable Platform

Facebook and Instagram ads can be expensive and paying for page promos on Instagram are a waste of money because you get no control over who actually views your ads or even the number of views you will get. Stop wasting money and use a platform designed to help you increase revenue.

Drive the Right Traffic for More Conversions & Revenue

You can choose the gender, age range, and location for your ad and also specify a specific link for reach ad. This allows you to get the right people to the right page. 

Success Stories

“BlackGentry has been a great platform for us to reach new customers. I love being able to track the ads and we saw an immediate impact on our suit sales. “

Sheriff Muse-Ariyoh, Unique Threads

Grow your small, medium or large business with BlackGentry today.