Help us continue to make BlackGentry a great app for Black singles. We welcome ideas and appreciate users reporting bugs. You can send us a message by using the contact form. Please provide a detailed description of the bug and how to recreate the issue. All in-app purchases and subscription payments are not refundable. 

BlackGentry displays profiles in a card format.

X: Click the X button to indicate that you don’t like someone and skip a profile (skip profiles do not reappear). 

Heart: Click the heart button to indicate that you like someone. If the like you back then it is a match and you can chat. 

Crush Tokens: Click the Diamonds buttons to indicate that you have a crush on someone. The crush button will also like the person. A crush means the person will know that you are interested when they see your profile and before they make a decision. This can increase your odds of matching if someone already knows that you like them. If they like you back with a heart or crush, then it is a match. 

Shake to Rewind: If you make a mistake, just shake your phone to undo your last choice and bring the profile back. (Only available for Premium users).

Time Tokens: When you match with someone, you or the match have 24 hours to initiate a conversation before the match disables. If the match disables, you will not be able to chat anymore. You or your match must use a time token to add another 24 hours to initiate the conversation. 


BlackGentry is an online community created for people to meet ambitious and driven Black professionals.

BlackGentry is free to download and the basic features such as creating profile, browsing profiles and chatting are free. New users also receive 5 free Crush tokens and 1 free time token. (Users can purchase extra tokens if needed). Free users have limits on the number of profiles they can see and the number of likes they can send. Features such as unlimited likes, undoing likes, and hiding ads are reserved for users with BlackGentry Premium subscriptions. 

With a subscription you get to browse unlimited profiles and send unlimited likes and not have to view ads.  Who likes Ads right? You also get to undo an action by shaking your phone.

BlackGentry allows free users to send likes, match and chat for free. The biggest limit is on the number of profiles free users can see. If you feel that you might benefit from being able to see as many profiles without limits, then the subscription might be helpful. 

NOTE: Subscriptions do not guarantee matches, or finding someone. We also cannot guarantee how many users that will be available in the application at any time. Users can create and delete accounts at will and BlackGentry as no control over this. We encourage all users to be patient and give the process time in order to connect with the type of people that they desire. 

Approving profiles is another way of ensuring that we provide a safe and positive community for BlackGentry users.

It is quite simple. We want users to put an effort into creating their profile and to represent themselves for who they are. We also
Some common reasons that profiles are rejected:

*The selfie does not match your profile pictures

*Pictures are blurry

*Middle fingers or gang signs in photos

*Pictures of money or jewelry or cars

*Photos with weapons displayed

*Shirtless mirror photos or overly sexual images (Vacation, pool, gym photos are fine).

*Too many photos with other people

*Disrespectful, threatening, sexual, or lewd language



*Lack of effort or one word answers for questions

*Fake pictures

*Things that violate our terms and policies

Note that we do not provide reasons for profiles being rejected.

We require all users to verify their account with a selfie. We believe this helps to make the app safer as well as reduce catfishing. Nobody likes a catfish right? Don’t worry, we do not post your selfie to your profile and only compare it to your profile pictures so that we know you are you. Your selfie does not have to be your best picture.

Tapping the Crush button will like a user and also tell them that you have a crush on them. It’s a way of saying you really like them or are very interested. The user that you crushed will see a symbol indicating that you used the crush button and might take extra time to view your profile. 

Users are provided with 5 free crush tokens when they create a profile. Every time you tap the crush button, your number of tokens are reduced by 1. Crush tokens can only be refilled by purchasing more tokens.

You and your match have 24 hours to initiate a conversation. If neither person writes a message within 24 hours then the match will disable and you or your match can use a time token to add another 24 hours. If you use a time token, the user person does not have to use one and can write you a message within the new 24 hours and vice versa. New profiles get one time token. Time tokens can only be renewed by purchasing more tokens.

The circle represents a 24 hour timer. Users on BlackGentry have 24 hours to initiate a conversation or the match will be disabled. Once disabled, users cannot send a message until they use a time token to add another 24 hours

You must send a message within 24 hours or the match will be disabled. Matches can be enabled by using a time token to add more time.

Subscribing users can undo/rewind an action by shaking their phone. Your new action will replace your previous action. Note that if you match with the user, you cannot undo the action. You will have to unmatch the user from the match or chat page.

Users must be approved before they can send see other profiles and users must complete 75% of their profile questions before sending likes. We don’t like empty profiles on BlackGentry. Put in the effort and tell others about you. They will appreciate it.

You can delete your profile by going to the settings page and tapping ‘Delete Account’. Note that deleting your account immediately ends any subscriptions and deletes all purchased tokens. These cannot be gotten back. Consider hiding your profile before deleting.

You can hide your profile by going to the settings page and tapping on ‘Show my profile on BlackGentry’. Your profile will be hidden from other users. Note that your matches will still be able to see your profile and chat with you until you or them ends the match by unmatching.

As stated in our Terms, any purchases (subscriptions or tokens) made in BlackGentry are non-refundable.

1.Go to Settings on your apple device and select iTunes Store and App Store.

2.Click on your Apple ID at the top of the screen.

3.Click on ‘View Apple ID’ and sign in.

4.Click on Subscriptions.

5.Click on the subscription that you want to edit

6.Click on “Cancel Subscription” to cancel your subscription. If you cancel, your subscription will stop at the end of the current billing cycle.

Note that your subscription will end immediately if you delete your BlackGentry Account. If you wish you take a break and keep your subscription, please hide your profile.

You can cancel subscriptions that were made through Google Play by following these steps:

1. Open Google Play store.

2. Go to ‘Account’ under the Play store menu.

3. Tap on ‘Subscriptions’ and locate the BlackGentry subscription.

4. Tap on Cancel.

We do our best to create and maintain a safe community for everyone. If you ever feel that someone is violating our policies, has fake pictures, or is disrespectful or abusive, please report the user. The ‘Report User’ link can be found on all user profile pages as well as on the match and chat page. We require you to enter a reason when reporting a user and we will investigate. If you have reporting a user that you have not matched with, the user will be automatically disliked. If you are reporting a user that you have matched with, you can manually unmatch them after reporting them.

1.To report a user, scroll to the bottom of their profile and tap the ‘Report User’ link.

2.To report from the match page, slide your fingers from right to left on the user name and click report.

3.To report from the chat page, tap on the 3 dots and tap ‘Report User’. 

Ensure that you provide a detailed reason when reporting.

Our team will review your report but due to privacy guidelines, we can’t always reveal the results of a report.

Users who violate our terms and policies can be removed from the application. We reserve the right to not provide a reason. Please help us keep BlackGentry a safe community by respecting others and following our terms and policies.